13 Dec 2016

Villain: Animation Rig Release

Villain: Animation Rig Release

Author:  Stephen   Categories:  Rigs, Character Update  

A demo reel filled with superhero shots gets kind of repetitive and boring. Sometimes you need to balance it out with a dark, evil villain shot. Besides, I heard that recruiters actually prefer shots with bad guys in it!

Villain shots are better for your Demo Reel!

Ok, I don't know if that is actually true. I've talked to a lot of recruiters over the years and I've never had one express a preference for good vs. evil shots so I probably wouldn't believe me if I were you. Still, this guy looks pretty rad. Marcel did a badass job on him and I know he's anxious to see it animated. So if anyone has a test to share, send it our way and Marcel will mail you a personalized "Thank you" card (ok, that last part isn't true either).

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Model: Marcel Rowe
Rigging: Victor Barbosa

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