1 Dec 2016

Animation Tip from WatchMeAnimate - Knee I.O.I

Animation Tip from WatchMeAnimate - Knee I.O.I

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What's Knee I.O.I, you ask? It's a term created by Senior Animator Jonathan Abenhaim to describe a technique he uses to help add weight to his animation. It stands for Knee In-Out-In and he's created a 'Supercut' video to share a quick demo of what it is.

How to Add Weight and Life to Your Character's Legs

If you haven't subscribed yet to WATCHMEANIMATE on YouTube, Jonathan is worth a follow. Aside from short videos with great animation tips, he also posts the full VLOG of him animating the entire shot he uses in his examples. It's a great way to see how he approaches animation and and his workflow with the rigs.

For the full VLOG this Supercut was based on, click here. 

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