Victor Barbosa Rigger

I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2005 to pursue a passion for animation. In 2008 I got my first job as an animator for a kids TV show.

After my first year as a professional animator for 3d cartoons, I felt that I had to try out movies. For that I had to work on my demo reel and do some creature animation. Well, at that time rigs available online were very limited, and the free ones, in my point of view, were raw and unintuitive to animate with. So I decided to start investing in learning how to rig myself and created what I needed to add animation pieces to my demo reel.

My first opportunity to work on VFX projects came in 2009, a live-action tv show. I got hired as an animator/rigger and on my first day I was so scared that I thought they would get rid of me on the next day. That never happened, lucky me.

Through my career I have come to enjoy rigging, especially rigging for animators. If you ask me what motivates me to keep going, I would answer that my biggest rewards are the friendships I have made all these years working in the industry.

Today I am glad to be rigging for animators all around the world.

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