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Rig Information

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Requires RenderMan (Free for Non-Commercial Use), Maya 2016+, CGB Rig Plugin

Hero has been in the Rig Library for way too long without getting any pushback from the evil depths of humanity. Until now. Give in to your inner dark side and see what it's like to be the bad guy for a change.

Villain is the 6th animation rig added to the CGB Rig Library. His mission is to force Hero to either earn his name, or be destroyed and relinquish his status as the flagship character of CGBreakdown.

Released: December 9, 2016
Current Version: 3.0
Software: Maya 2016+
Render: RenderMan

Make sure to download the CGB Rig Plugin from our Free page!

Concept: Thiago Almeida
Model/Lookdev: Marcel Rowe
Rigging: Victor Barbosa

Release Notes

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Character Artist Marcel Rowe
Concept Artist Thiago Almeida
Rigger Victor Barbosa