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Requires RenderMan (Free for Non-Commercial Use), Maya 2016+, CGB Rig Plugin

Under the cloak of darkness, violence and corruption rule the streets. Authorities, whether incompetent or culpable, turn a blind eye to the illicit activities of the seedy underbelly of society. No one speaks up. No one intervenes...until now.

Vigilante is the 7th animation rig added to the CGB Rig Library. Download him today and join in the fight for justice.

Released: January 4, 2017
Current Version: 4.0
Software: Maya 2016+
Render: RenderMan

Make sure to download the CGB Rig Plugin from our Free page!

Concept: Marcel Rowe
Model/Lookdev: Marcel Rowe
Rigging: Victor Barbosa

Release Notes

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Character Artist Marcel Rowe
Rigger Victor Barbosa