HERO Humans

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Requires RenderMan (Free for Non-Commercial Use), Maya 2016+, CGB Rig Plugin

This character was conceived as our flagship character. We realized we needed a character that could withstand the rigors of building and testing our rigging pipeline; a feat no ordinary character could handle. We needed someone strong, versatile and relentless. A sort of Superhero. Once we came up with the design, we put our creative minds together and gave him the name... Hero!

Hero is the 2nd animation rig added to the CGB Rig Library. He comes with an animation-friendly muscle setup that allows you to control the amount of jiggle for each major muscle group. Along with muscle-bulging and volume control, Hero provides great deformations that can handle any subtle or action-packed animation you can put him through.

Features: Muscle Setup
Released: March 3, 2016
Current Version: 14.0
Software: Maya 2016+
Render: RenderMan 20

See a breakdown of Hero's main controls
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Concept: Thiago Almeida
Model/Texture/Lookdev: Laura Welter
Rigging: Victor Barbosa
Animation: Stephen Kelloway
Sound: Mattias Brunosson

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video by CGBreakdown

video by CGBreakdown

video by CGBreakdown

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Animator Stephen Kelloway
Character Artist Laura Welter
Concept Artist Thiago Almeida
Rigger Victor Barbosa