8 Sep 2016

Mushroom Log 01: Camera Release

Mushroom Log 01: Camera Release

Author:  Stephen   Categories:  Rigs, Live-Action Plates  

We are trying something new here. We thought it might be good to try to create some scene setups that include live-action plates, matchmoved cameras and set geo for shadow casting. It could be fun to build a library of scenes that can be downloaded and animated to. 

Part of the reason I wanted to try this is because it can sometimes be more challenging to be given a plate to animate to and have to animate within the restrictions of what was shot. Another reason is because it's something I always wished I could find online. So, I convinced the guys here to give it a try.

This is our first fully finished scene and, though there are areas where it could be better, it was a great learning experience and we are going to start on some more soon. If you have any ideas, leave a comment or email us at to let us know. For now though, onto the shot!

Mushroom Log 01 Animation Scene

Download Mushroom Log 01 here.


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