19 Jan 2016

Maya 2016 Rig Plugin

Maya 2016 Rig Plugin

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We've added a rig plugin for Maya 2016! If you don't have 2016 I would highly recommend getting it. Maya has introduced a new multithreading feature for rig calculations which sounds pretty complicated. I'm not smart enough to understand the full technical scope of what that means (that's a question for Victor) but the bottom line for animation is that rigs can run exponentially faster.

As an example, one of the rigs we are currently developing was tested to be running at around 17fps (frames per second) in Maya 2015. The exact same file was then opened in 2016 and we saw the speed jump to about 45fps.  Anything above 24fps means you can set your timeline playback speed to 'Real-Time' and you won't need to playblast your animation anymore to see how it is looking; you can see it right in Maya. Brilliant! Thanks Autodesk!

You can download the new Rig Plugin on the Free page.

For more information on the installation process and what to do when you open Maya, check out this post here.

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