24 Mar 2017

Free Animation Rigs!

Free Animation Rigs!

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We decided a while ago that it would be great to release a couple of free proxy rigs but there was always one problem: if you don't have a subscription to the CGB Rig Library, the website won't let you download any of the rigs. Not to be outsmarted by our own website, we finally devised a way to let you download them absolutely free!

These proxy characters don't require RenderMan and don't require our plugin so they are totally free for anyone to use. So how did we get around the need for a subscription? 3 Easy steps:

1) Login or create an account on the website (free).

Super easy, right? You probably already have accounts at dozens of other sites. What's one more? Just click on the top right corner of the website to get started.

2) Download and install the CGB Content Browser (free again).

Head on over to our Free page and choose either the Mac or Windows Content Browser. It's a really simple installer and takes only a few seconds to install.

download free animation rig content browser

3) Launch the Content Browser and download the free proxy rigs!! (totally free!)

download free animation rigs through the CGB content browser


That's it! We hope you enjoy them.

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    2 comments on article "Free Animation Rigs!"


    12/23/2017 12:44 PM

    I have a question about the Hero rig. I'm using the Free hero rig right now all keyd. Could transfer the animation of the Free hero to the Hero rig ?


    3/5/2018 6:13 PM

    I have a Free Hero animated on my laptop. I want to continue my work on my desktop. I installed the plugins and Maya 2017 and 2018 but every time I open the file transferred from my laptop to my desktop. Maya crashes after I try things for a few seconds. Any idea to stop this please ?

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